Makeup Eyelashes Correctly

Makeup Eyelashes Correctly
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Makeup Eyelashes Correctly

In order for your eye make-up to its best advantage, you should also emphasize the eyelashes. With a few makeup tips you can do that quite easily.

Which makeup tips are best suited for emphasizing your eyelashes naturally also depends on what kind of eye makeup you want to apply. Some makeup tips, but you should always keep in mind when you make up your lashes.

Makeup Eyelashes Correctly: Proper preparation

If you want to put your eyelashes in beautiful scenery, it is advisable to bring the fine hairs before applying the mascara with a special eyelash curler in shape. Because with the brush of mascara can be difficult to deform the hair. Very important: Use the eyelash curler before applying makeup, only the lashes – never thereafter. The inked eyelashes might otherwise break fast.

When choosing mascara you should not be too stingy: Cheap Mascara usually contains very little care substances and can thus apply not only difficult, but also dries the lashes and makes them brittle.

Makeup Eyelashes Correctly
One of the best makeup tips for beautiful eyelashes includes the right choice of brush. In very fine hairs are best used bushy brush – bring volume to your lashes. If you have very short lashes, you can using curved brush visually lengthen. You will thus reach the small outer hairs. Are your eyelashes naturally compact, but quickly degenerate confused, take them with comb applicators in the proper form.

Makeup Eyelashes Correctly: Apply Mascara

Hold the brush parallel to the lashes and put it on the lash line. Stroke order up to the eyelashes tips and repeat this until you have mascara on eyelashes all. For extra volume, you can apply the mascara with zig-zag movements to the left and right. On the lower lashes can apply the paint, the easiest way to hold the brush parallel to the lashes and so carefully swipe left and right along the lashes.

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