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Still Feeling Good On MTHFR Supplements

By Harry September 22, 2013 - 12:53 pm MTHFR, Symptoms

Okay, it’s only been a few days since I last posted but still feeling rather, rather good. Will it last, that is the question. I am half expecting something to eventually deplete or get thrown off balance, we shall see though.

I have been to my the doctor and ordered a very broad gene test, I was given the option of just testing for MTHFR but from reading about the testing involved their can be multiple defective genes, so as the saying goes, in for a penny, in for a pound…I decided to go the whole hog. It’s a bit pricey but didn’t think it was too bad considering what they are actually doing…examining the DNA programming of your body.

I’m not going to talk about the doctor and the test lab much until I get my result. I haven’t actually been seeing any doctors very often as I didn’t think they really had any definitive answers for me. I was more interested in doing my own experimentation.

I am keen to blog about my lack of symptoms and how I go with ramping up my MTHFR supplements. I don’t need a medical test to tell me if I am feeling better or not, so this is what I will focus on.

Now that I am feeling better the first thing I want to do is drink some beers and eat lots of crap food ha ha…but no I’m being disciplined and not giving in to those urges, my diet is staying the same – for now. Watch this space though if I keep improving, their may be a beer or two involved in the future.

So main improvements I have seen so far:

I no longer feel I am walking a tight rope of diet, supplements and exercise. I can have a more flexible life

I no longer need to walk first thing in the morning to feel semi-alright for the day. I still plan on walking every day but it will be at different times of the day and I don’t believe taking a day off will matter

My digestion is really improving, I no longer get blocked up and I just go easily and regularly

I have more energy, particularly in the evenings, I’m no longer so tired at the end of the day

Morning brain fog has almost ceased to exist and is getting better day by day as my body adjusts to the supplements

I’ve reached ideal doses (as far as I know) of my MTHFR supplements, I’m no longer building up and I’m getting very minimal, if any, side effects from the supplements, whereas it was making me feel a bit strange for an hour or so after taking them in the early days.

I guess the main thing I am looking forward to is knowing what specific supplements to take and knowing those specific supplements are actually treating my underlying condition rather than symptoms or something that is close to my underlying condition….

By Harry September 18, 2013 - 10:22 pm MTHFR, Symptoms, Vitamins

Okay, I’ve almost completely changed my supplements around after Rosalinda commented on my blog (I know I’m fickle…)

hi harry i hope you are doing good. I communicated with you a few months back because your symptoms were very similar to mine and i was also taking most of the supplements you were taking. I was just wondering have you ever been tested for mthfr? I was and tested positive for heterozygous mthfr a1298c. I started taking thorne research methyl guard plus and i became a normal person again. My painful inflammation, fatigue, stomach issues etc. All went away and i can even drink alcohol and run around doing million things again.

I’m now mainly taking the following mthfr supplements:

and it is making a huge difference. Although I don’t want to get my hopes up too soon as I have had periods when I have been quite good…before my health declines again. This new regime is only 4 days old. The other thing is I’m not even taking large doses of the above nutrients and I’m noticing substantial improvements. The first couple of days of taking the new supplements I felt a bit weird and brain foggy for the first hour after taking them but after that I felt quite good. This initial reaction upon taking them has gone away for the past 2 days and I just feel good now that my body has adjusted or detoxed.

I’ve also booked a doctors appointment to see if I can get genetically tested for mthfr, as I haven’t been tested before (I’ve never even really heard of it before). It is interesting that mthfr also seems more mainstream and also easier to test for than Pyroluria.

I really like the sound of mthfr from what I have been reading, it would mean taking a lot less supplements compared to the Pyroluria supplements I have been taking, it also means I might be able to drink again (that would be so nice, just to be able to sit down with the normal people for a few cold ones), plus to be able to get some really good energy levels back. I reckon Pyroluria supplements get me to the 70 to 80 percent mark (which is better than the 20 percent energy level I felt I was operating on for a number of years ie mainly on willpower alone) but I really want the 100 percent.

Anyway a big shout out to Rosalinda for posting the comment, many thanks for taking the time.

I’ll post a bit more often to let everybody know how I am going, particularly when I get my test results back.

There is a lot of info about the condition at mthfr.net

Is Resistant Starch The Key To My Gut Issues?

By Harry September 7, 2013 - 8:18 am Diet, Symptoms

Well it’s been a long time since I have posted to this blog, really looking back over the last 6 months I haven’t had a huge amount to tell you. My supplements are fairly similar, although I have just updated my supplements list as it looks like I forgot to list calcium and magnesium that I take as separate supplements. Over the 6 months I also started taking taurine again as Dr Klinghardt mentioned it in his youtube video. I have also found chromium to be a useful supplement as well.

That said, the strange thing is I can be going along fine for a couple of weeks ie good energy and focus, then I have a miss-step in my diet (mainly moving away from low FODMAPS) and downhill I go again for weeks at a time. This led me to think that there is something else going on in relation to my gut health. In the past I have tried various different types of fiber (soluble and insoluble), probiotics, glutamine and other such supplements to improve my gut health without much success…until now.

I have been reading up on and experimenting with ‘resistant starch’. I’m still focused on the low FODMAP’s but also on increasing the amount of resistant starch in my diet. I’m currently a week into this new diet and it really seems to be making an improvement…time will tell though. I’m quite excited about it because whereas other forms of fiber and to a certain extent probiotics make me feel worse, ‘resistant starch’ makes me feel better.

The main supplemental resistant starch I consume is potato starch, I just stir spoonfuls in a glass of water. It tastes fine, so it goes down pretty easily. I found an organic potato starch with no additives after initially trying a generic potato starch brand from a supermaket which also had a preservative added to it. I can’t tell the difference between the generic and the organic but its pretty cheap so I thought I would pay the extra for organic.

I’m only slowly building up my dose to let my gut adjust to it, I started out with only 1 teaspoon a day and I’m currently up to 3 teaspoons a day. Apparently from what I have read I should be aiming for 4 tablespoons a day.

I also get starch from the following foods:

Low GI Gluten Free Bread – extra starch is added to the gluten free bread I eat to make it lower GI

Sushi and rice paper rolls – rice that has been cooked and cooled has more resistant starch

Potato chips – potatoes that have been cooked and cooled also have more resistant starch. I tend to eat a lot of potato chips anyway as it is one of the few junk food items I can eat.

I also eat a lot of normal cooked rice and potato’s, they are pretty common parts of my diet.

Occasionally I will eat beans but I wouldn’t say they are a staple part of my diet

I should mention that there is one interesting side effect of a high resistant starch diet…flatulence. Fair warning to you, it is pretty bad initially but it does seem to be tapering off now that my body is getting used to it. For this reason I have been mainly taking the potato starch at night, as the flatulence normally clears itself overnight hence making my work mates safe the next day….

I hope everyone reading this blog is getting closer to their optimal health…I will endeavor to perhaps do a tad more entries on this blog, rather than one every six months…

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