Could President Obama be looking for a smoking alternative?

Could President Obama be looking for a smoking alternative?

Barack Obama’s is now president and presidential staffers have to be asking themselves one very important question: With smoking forbidden in the White House, where can the big guy go for some much-needed nicotine relief? Previous presidents have smoked, but Obama has already vowed to abide by the ban imposed by soon-to-be-Secretary of State and former first lady Hillary Clinton. A healthier smoking alternative might be the best way to take the edge off the stress of being the leader of the free world.

When smokers bend to social pressure, they go to great lengths in their attempts to give up tobacco smoking. This means turning to prescription drugs or other methods to quit. Unfortunately, these treatments come with a litany of possible side effects including indigestion, nausea, flatulence, throat and skin irritation, muscle aches and stiffness, headaches and even - in extreme instances - seizures. Going through all of this hardship in an attempt to avoid the stigma of being a tobacco smoker seems pointless when healthier, socially acceptable smoking alternatives are available.

There is little outrage when a coworker brews a pot of coffee, but fire up a cigarette in the office and one can expect banishment to a cold doorway or a drafty smoker’s tent. It’s not because caffeine is healthier than nicotine - they are both stimulants. The difference in attitude comes about because of the litany of health concerns associated with tobacco smoking. If one could remove these peripheral issues - second-hand smoke, lingering odors, the potential for lung cancer - then a cigarette could once again become as socially acceptable as a cup of joe.

When it comes right down to it, many smokers actually enjoy the act of smoking. Companies are beginning to realize that throwing the baby (nicotine) out with the bathwater (tobacco smoking) isn’t necessary. Safer smoking devices have been developed to address public health concerns while allowing smokers to continue partaking in their stimulant of choice. These new devices make nicotine consumption as safe as drinking a morning cup of coffee.

Introducing HealthyCigarettes.Org, a new website that is going to change the way people view cigarettes. Now there is a way for smokers to get their nicotine that is safer and healthier for everyone. These new healthy cigarettes are not only safer for the individual smoker, they are better for the environment. Because these cigarettes are non-flamable and tobacco free, the “smoke” that comes from these devices is actually just harmlesss water vapor. Therefore, these cigarettes are pollution free, cancer free, and devoid of all the harmful side effects from traditioanl cigarettes.

The potential benefits of these new electronic cigarettes are tremendous. Smokers who have lost nearly all of their rights due to recent legislation now have something to be happy about. These new devices allow smokers to enjoy their nicotine almost everywhere that currently bans tobacco use. Because these devices don’t contain tobacco and are non-flamable, the smoking bans don’t apply. Smokers are now free to get their nicotine in public places again. Because these cigarettes do not emit any harmful carcinogenics, there is no more dangerous second hand smoke. No reason for others to complain about smokers poisoning and polluting the air. This also means that there is no more dirty ashtrays, lighters, or foul tobacco odor. Its easy to imagine how these new cancer free cigarettes are going to change the culture of smoking.

For our new president, a little nicotine ‘pick-me-up’ might be the only reprieve throughout a busy day of dealing with domestic and international issues. These new safer smoking devices allow one to obey the White House ban on tobacco smoking while permitting Barack to enjoy the occasional cigarette in peace. As an added bonus, the First Lady won’t have the need to search the Rose Garden for hidden cigarette butts.

So quit smoking those deadly carcinogenic cancer sticks and start smoking healthier today. Now there is no reason to be healthier about your smoking habit. These Cigarette Alternatives let you to get your nicotine without any of the harmful toxins. Go to www.HealthyCigarettes.Org today!

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