Running a Healthy Family: Review: TrainerDiva, Inc

Running a Healthy Family: Review: TrainerDiva, Inc

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In the fall of 2010 I ran my first 5k, 3.1 miles. In the fall of 2011 I ran my first half marathon, 13.1 miles. During this time I lost weight, had more energy, ate better, slept better, and gererally felt better. More importantly, my husband, who has struggled with his weight, began making more healthy food choices and even began running. My then 3 year old decided that he wanted to run, and has participated in 2 quarter mile fun runs. My healthy practices influenced my family to make better decisions.

Mom sets the example for the rest of the family. As I test and review clothing, nutrition, activities, etc. that support a healthy happy lifestyle; I''d like to share info and promote fitness and wellness in families.

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"I just don''t have time to get to the gym."Ok, I think most of you know that I''m up and running before the sun, but now, I''m really not buying that excuse. TrainerDiva, Inc brings the work out to you, and boy do they! My friend, Katie, and I got to meet with Elena Ciccotelli, trainer and company founder, for an in-home training session.

DESCRIPTION:TrainerDiva, Inc provides personal training in your home, in the Greater Philadelphia Area. The professional trainer comes to you with equipment, intruction and guidance, motivation, and even a little fun. They assess your current level of fitness and help you set up attainable goals that go well beyond weightloss. TrainerDivas "are dedicated to helping you live your best life NOW." Their mission "is to empower you with in-home personal training that will produce mind-boggling results in less time than you expect."

I absolutely love the convenience of the in-home training session, and even though you''re at home, you''re still accountable for your workout...unless you close the blinds and hide behind the couch from the trainer that will be ringing your doorbell (not recommended if you want to reach your fitness goals). Elena sat down with Katie and me and went over our Health and Fitness Questionaires, our current workout routines, and did the dreaded body fat percentage and BMI. Then we discussed our goals and steps to achieve them. And on to the work out...WOW! I am in the best shape of my life, though I must admit that in the last year, I have soley focussed on my running, and maybe thrown in a few crunches. Needless to say, Elena, whooped my behind, and I liked it! I even caught Katie, who is a seasoned athlete, making a couple of "yeah, I''m feelin'' that" faces. The exercises were new, intense, and worked multiple muscle groups at once. Elena took into account Katie''s previous knee injury and suggested modifications that would allow her to do certain exercises without doing further damage. She paid close attention to our form and kept us going with encouraging words...even during "the spiderman". It was sweaty, it was tough, it was gooood! Even after Elena wrapped up, Katie and I continued to talk about how much we enjoyed the training session and the trainer. I''m so impressed by Elena and TrainerDiva, Inc, that I''ll be adding their fit tips to this site.

Face it, no one is serving fat free pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving. It wouldn''t hurt to get into a routine now, or preemptively lose a few pounds. If you want to get in shape, lose fat, and feel good, a TrainerDiva trainer can help you do it. So, no more can work out in your home after you drop the kids at school, while they''re doing homework, while that pie is baking, during nap (theirs, not yours). Plus you''re saving time by not having to drive anywhere. Do you have a neighbor or friend who''s terrified of the Holiday muffin-top that could be lurking around the bend? Do it together. It''s more fun when you have someone to high five during planks.**Keep checking back because I''ll be giving away a great TrainerDiva gift certificate within the next few days**

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