Our Most Requested Research ReviewsFat Loss

Our Most Requested Research ReviewsFat Loss

Our Most Requested Research Reviews

Fat Loss 4 Idiots

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  • "For the first five weeks I lost 16.4 pounds."

Actual user review from Men''s Health Discussion Boards

  • "I’ve had tremendous success and they have been the staple of my workouts year in and year out ever since"

Actual user review from a popular web forum

  • "the workouts are short yet effective"

Actual user review from a popular bodybuilding forum

Editors Review Of The Turbulence Training Program

I like how this program can accomodate both men and women. On the one hand men can follow their program and get that Brad Pitt "Fight Club" look. On the other hand woman can follow their program to get the popular Biel or Alba look.

About The Author - Craig Ballantyne

Turbulence Training is written by Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist.

Craig has also been featured in the popular magazine Men''s Health.

Finer Points About Turbulence Training

  1. Turbulence Training gives you the straight facts about the best type of cardio to burn belly stomach fat.

  2. By following this program you can burn fat and gain muscle at the same time.

  3. TT does not advocate long workouts.

  4. Turbulence Training does not allow you to do the same exercise workout over and over so that it becomes boring.

  5. The exercise program is based on the popular theory of shocking your body and burning fat by offering variety to your workouts.

  6. You will avoid the dreaded plateau with Turbulence Training.

  7. Weight loss will continue as long as you continue with the Turbulence Training principles.

  8. If you enjoy doing the same exercise program day in and day out than Turbulence Training is not for you.

  9. If you dislike extended periods of long cardio workouts than you should consider Turbulence Training.

  10. Workouts are short but maximize fat loss through proper interval training.

How Much Does Turbulence Training Cost And What Bonuses Are Included?

Currently the Turbulence Training sells for $39.95.

A free three month membership to the Turbulence Training members only forum is included with your purchase.

You''ll also receive the Fat Loss Nutrition book, The Eight Week Dumbell and Body Weight Program, The Busy Dad''s Workout, Turbulence Training For Mass Workouts, 30 Days To Advanced Fat Loss, and The Advanced Fusion Fat Loss Program.

The Deluxe Edition Bonuses

To receive the The Six Month Body Weight Training program, The Bodyweight 500 Program, The Athletes Eight Week Program, Untimate Advanced Bodyweight Workout Book, and the Bodyweight 1000 Fat Burning Manual you will need to upgrade to the Deluxe Bonus Edition.

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