List of Fat Burning Foods

List of Fat Burning Foods
fat burning foods

Excess food intake results in fats and weight gain. But food also help to lose weight, even there are some food which functions as fat burner. Surprised but it is true that food increase fats, weight but also burn fat too. Nearly 60% of world population face problems like high BP, diabetes etc. The root of all such diseases or conditions is obesity.

But before moving ahead it is important to know some thing about food. Different food have different thermogenic level as called as fat burning capacity. Researchers proved that food requires energy to digest. This energy is obtained from food. Food with high thermogenic capacity help us to burn calories. Beverages like green tea is best calorie burner over other beverages, it has lean protein which suppress appetite. Almost all fat burner products like Cytolean help to suppress appetite, help us to lose fats. Now here is list of fat burning foods.

1. Salmon

Tastes fantastic and is best food as it boost metabolism which fasten the digestive process resulting in quick digestion. Salmon contain protein and omega-3 acids which help to burn fats easily.

2. Walnut, Almond

Walnut and almond together are source of energy and these are healthy fats essential for body. Getting confused, healthy fats are require for proper functioning of body cells an major portion of cell is made of fat. These help us to stay fit.

3. Beef

Lean beef is popular for its taste and has crucial role in reduction of saturated fats, and also severe as main source of protein.

4. Citrus food

Easily available and very effective these can help to reduce fats as they are rich source of vitamin C, Fiber and watery content, which are essential for metabolism. Moreover citrus fruits like orange, apple, tomatoes, grapes are cheap and entice digestive process. Which help to absorb vitamin,minerals, salts from food which reduces the chances of fats deposition.

5. Go green

As the world says “go green” its true green veggies are rich in fiber which help to digest food. Remember always eat vegetables fried or prepared from healthy oil like olive, sunflower and soya bean. Use of lentil oil also as it has low percentage of fats.

Conclusion: For health it is essential to stay fit and fine, losing excess fats help us to stay fit, which affects our lifestyle. So, use of green tea, citrus food, salmon etc are best for burning of fats.